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The Urban Landscape; a comparative analysis of Australia’s Identity with its own urban and the natural environment.


This series of photographs uses multiple exposure film to fuse together the urban environment of Melbourne Streets and the rural Australian outback. 


This series highlights three distinct Australian landscapes; the rural bush town of Walhalla,  the coastal town Anglesea near the Great Ocean Road, and the inner city suburbs of Melbourne. 


The coordinates are the location of each landscape, one for the urban, and the other for the rural. Giving the viewer context with the juxtaposition of the natural setting of the environments. 


Through a two-step process of the double exposure of the film, multiple layers of the landscape are merged together to form an entirely unique perspective of the Australian environment. This effect aims to evoke strong feelings from the audience, encouraging them to question their pre-existing knowledge of the landscape.


Each exposure is unique and untouched, with the process of merging the too landscapes left to chance. The double exposure occurs through the winding back of the film before overlaying the used film with photos of a different landscape. The result is an urban landscape. 


Furthermore, this effect also intends to demonstrate the changeability and complexity of Australian identity; and how the natural and the urban can coexist simultaneously, through the process of the fusing of the environments, the different elements of the landscapes are thrown together.

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